Phone News of New York

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Anonymous says 20 hours ago
This cell number called me on 3/16/18 claiming she received multiple phone calls from my cell number over the past few months. I do not have this number in my phone, I have no idea who it is, and I have never called the number. No one shares my phone, so how is it possible that my cell number is showing up on her phone, or so she claims, there is no way for me to know if that is the truth or not. She seemed annoyed and was a bit rude. I never called this person.
Anonymous says 20 hours ago
called could tell it was a boiler room, 20 seconds of silence
Anonymous says 21 hours ago
scammer alert
Anonymous says 21 hours ago
claimed federal government has filed a fraud case against me.
Anonymous says 21 hours ago
Automated message asks you to call about "serious allegations" against you.
Anonymous says 22 hours ago
Claiming to be from the IRS. Scammers
Anonymous says 22 hours ago
she asked me for money to help fix her phone
Anonymous says 23 hours ago
The number is not in service. Obviously a scam.
Anonymous says 1 days ago
This number texted me claiming to be Mark Zuckerberg wanting to consign my Facebook.
Michael W.. says 1 days ago
A guy by the name of Steve called me and told me I was being sued but when he found out I was disabled he hung up. No one is being Sued it is a scam
Anonymous says 1 days ago
Called multiple times every single day for weeks. Annoying, waste of time, and no one answers
Anonymous says 1 days ago
Anonymous says 1 days ago
Left a voice mail...they threatened my husband and I with a warrant for our arrest!!
Anonymous says 1 days ago
They called me and said that my partner and I won something at an event we attended. I wanted to know what it was but they would not tell me and said he needed to be present. It does not make sense to me and they were super dodgy. I really think this is a situation of potential identity theft because of their shady attitude.
Anonymous says 1 days ago
Lately, numbers that start with 917-233 are scam calls re: credit cards, auto insurance, etc. If any of these calls were from friends, they would leave messages.